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Unapproved Marriages


The institution of marriage transcends just the union between the two individuals. It is an alliance between two families. Two families with different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.
Having said that, marriage outstrips the”my spouse, my children and I”.

Parental blessings are very important as one embarks on the journey called marriage. Yes, marriage is not a destination but a journey because life does not stop when you get married. Parental blessings lay a good foundation. They are positive forces which accompanies you to bring you good fortunes.

However, you can only get their blessings when you have their “approval”. It pays to stay away if after having tried by winning them over and you would not just be accepted than going on with the wedding preparations because their son/ daughter loves you. Love is not always enough in marriage, there are times you would need your inlaws around, there are times you would need their support. The alliance between both families plays a vital role in a marriage. When there is a good relationship between these families, the chances of a successful marriage becomes high.

One of the greatest gift a man can get in marriage is support of his inlaws, and a lady, that of her mother in law. One would observe that whenever there is an issue between a man and wife, the mother in law tends to take sides with her daughter in law in public even when she knows she is at fault and scolds her behind closed doors but when you are not accepted the reverse would be the case.

The Red flags are always there but we ignore those signs because sometimes we think it is our intuition being wrong or we pretend not to see these signs cause of the fear of the unknown: that is, the fear of loosing a good man/woman, the time wasted or the fear of not finding someone like them.

Being rejected has never been the end of the world, it does not mean you would not be accepted or loved by another. Life does not come to a stand still for the reason that you were rejected. There would always be that family who would love you and treat you as theirs.

Unapproved marriages are not always the best and they can barely withstand the storms when they arise. They bring nothing but isolation and pain at the end.
Getting one’s parents consent is principal.

This four letter words” love” is not always enough!
No man is an island!

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