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Your Ex is not your enemy If things didn’t mature into Marriage you probably where not meant to be. Going about speaking rubbish against a person you once dated just confirms how you were a wrong Partner for them and how immature you are.

Love that automatically turns into aggressive hatred was never love in the first place especially If you are a Christian and still Christian in your Relationships your bitterness cannot be justified.

Especially If you are a believer and your partner is a believer too, you know that even If you are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend you are still sister and brother in the Lord and will one day meet in Heaven where these marital Relationships will no longer exist so why hate on one another after a breakup. Some of you your unforgiveness of your ex might even make you miss Heaven If you don’t repent, you are so bitter as If you broke up with God.

Grow up and move on, stop destroying the reputation and image of every person you dated in the past it’s called witchcraft. Was it a curse for people to date you in the past that they should suffer all their lifetime? even divorcees don’t suffer like people that just dated suffer because of the wickedness of there ex. Set yourself free from the ex-obsession spell you are under and move on into the new.

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