We have singles who are dumb, they go into marriage blank and come out with questions, when they were supposed to do the questioning before marriage. The wise ask questions, they seek wisdom, they look for the right path before embarking on any journey. A wise single asks questions before jumping into relationships.

It is a lie to believe love doesn’t question or that when you are in love you don’t ask questions, but rather feelings matter. Truth be told, a lasting and healthy marriage is not by accident, it is between two intelligent people. People who ask questions.

Only fools who don’t ask questions. They are the type of people who sign any document presented to them without reading. They are kind of people who get lost in life because they lack information on their journey.

These ten questions will help you make a wise decision, These questions will save you a lot. Before you start conversations about marriage, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I truly ready for marriage?
  2. Do I really know the person I want to get married to?
  3. Do we really understand each other?
  4. Do we flow?
  5. Are we able to resolve issues or conflict in the relationship?
  6. Is my partner the most important person in my life apart from God?
  7. Am I really ready to leave and cleave?
  8. Does my partner love God more than he or she loves me?
  9. Does my partner believe in me, my vision, calling, profession, vocation, etc.
  10. Do I really love the one I want to get married to?

Lack of adequate knowledge or wisdom on marriage is the cause of divorce. Don’t turn love into foolishness. Love is not common to fools. Love is the wise.

We don’t understand the purpose of marriage so we are getting into marriage with our own understanding and not that of the Creator.

Singles, instead of spending so much time on the wedding, the kind of wedding you want to have, spend time getting knowledge on the kind of marriage and spouse you want to have. Your wedding should not be more expensive than your marriage. Your wedding should not be more beautiful than your marriage.

In conclusion “Getting wisdom is the most important thing you can do! And with your wisdom, develop common sense and good judgment” – Proverbs 4:7.

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