Women are special and do not only complement us as men but also complete us. They are special gifts as mothers, sisters, wives, daughters. It is rather unfortunate that women are not valued and appreciated as expected, so dedicating a day like this one to celebrate them is laudable.

This day is also a good day to give some education because many women are held back by what they think of themselves. I have seen well-educated women who see themselves as amounting to nothing because they don’t have a husband or a child. And the sad part is, those who are not well educated, dropouts or those who have little formal education and have one or more children insult them for not having children or husbands as if what makes a woman is marriage or a child.

Being a woman is not limited to having sex or not. It does not mean you are a fool or un-exposed because you are a virgin or have not had sex before. Being a woman is not limited to having a boyfriend or husband. Being a woman is not limited to having a child or not. All women need to be mindful of what they think of themselves for it takes such thoughts to hold them back.

Women need to support their own with the right knowledge. Mothers and aunties need to give the right counsel to their daughters and nieces when it comes to relationship. Many of the counsel given are nothing but poison. They push them into bad relationships just because of a few favours rather than thinking of the future of their wards or relatives.

In relationships today many women are not respected but the same people being disrespected are expected to respect those who disrespect them. No woman should end up marrying a man who does not respect her even if he is the only man on earth for her. When you accept to marry a man who disrespects you, and you have a son with him, it will be difficult to raise the boy to become a respectful man. All he will see at home is a man, his father, disrespecting a woman who happens to be you the woman.

In our part of the world, we have more single mothers than single fathers to the extent that many single mothers introduce themselves with the number of children they have. Example “I am a single mother of one child or two”. It is surprising how you allow men who are not responsible to impregnate you in the name of love. That needs to change, let men to be responsible. If he is bold enough to impregnate you, don’t let him to be a coward enough to run away. Insist he does the right thing. Use the appropriate institution to enforce that. Don’t deny your child access and right to fatherly care.

Its time you stop waiting for a man to come and take care of you as a woman. It’s your responsibility. Give yourself the best, when you learn to do that, you can’t accept the worst from anyone. You can’t feel better when you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t attract something better if you don’t take care of yourself. All you need to become a better person starts with you.

In conclusion, “A wise woman makes her home what it should be, but the home of a foolish woman is destroyed by her own actions” – Proverbs 14:1 (ERV).

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