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Science rather establishes the bases for man to believe more on the existence of God. To me, the more understanding I have about the universe and life, the more certain I am about the existence of God.

There is no scientific model and methodology that could evaluate or originate the mysterious universe.
If you say God doesn’t exist, it implies that the Devil doesn’t exist too. Because there can’t be an anti-particle without a particle. Then if it’s so, what would be the explanation to the metaphysical configuration of the human mind, our super sensitivity, instinct and transcendental circumstances.

Isn’t that enough to explain that life is more of spiritual than the physical? What about the infinite universe having over hundreds of billions of galaxies and trillions of stars each with massive energy embedded in them and matter in general. Doesn’t it baffle? Such energies can only be created by a more powerful entity and that’s God.

The conviction of the existence of God lies within us, and not on any physical prove. This conviction comes as a result of a #Revelation gotten through a direct divine #Encounter. And until one has this encounter, his life remains empty. Full of uncertainties. Also, science doesn’t in anyway undermine the importance of God and neither do God to science. Both are separate parallel entities that do not meet at any point….By Mimshack

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