Genesis 4: 10. And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.

God, our maker and creator of heaven and earth knows and recognises genuine family cries. The first genuine tears was that which was shed by Abel when his brother Cain murdered him hence God asked him that historical question which Cain could not answer correctly.

Genuine family cries come with the shedding of Tears. Tears may mean different things to different people.

However there are what we call Genuine Tears and Fake or False Tears. Please note that in this series,Tears would be construed to mean the same thing as Weeping, Crying, Mourning and Lamentations. Furthermore, we shall not be focusing on the negative aspect of Tears such as:-

  1. Hypocritical Tears
  2. Tears of mockery
  3. Foolish or Selfish Tears
  4. Crocodile Tears
  5. Deceitful Tears and
  6. Unnecessary Tears

The shedding of family genuine tears vary from person to person. To some, they shed tears publicly when they are hurt by a grievous incident while to some, they have the ability to suppress the shedding of tears publicly and prefer to shed same in their closet.

For instance, there are people who could constrain themselves not to cry publicly even if they loose a family member. Comforters would swarm around them and forbid them from crying or shedding tears publicly. This attitude is very wrong.

We have forgotten that it is God who has filled our optical system with water that flows down from our eyes in times of Pains.
God created human beings with emotions. We are wired to feel pain, joy, satisfied and dissatisfied.

All these operate within the realm of the human emotions. All human beings (dead or alive) started shedding tears as soon as Adam and Eve fell from that precious position that God placed them in the garden of Eden.

Some men tried to control shedding tears publicly but when they are alone in the nights, they shed tears privately. The medical world have shown towards that we came into the world through tears and crying,

The holy scriptures spoke a lot on GENUINE TEARS. God sees our tears and hear our voice when we genuinely go to Him.

In the scripture above, we could observe that even in death, God could hear our cry and see our tears. Abel did that which pleased God so in death God heard the cry of his blood.

If we maintain and sustain good relationship with Him while alive, God would notice our genuine tears and grant our supplications. Experience have shown that many people while they are on their deathbed do shed tears as they depart from this sinful world.

John 11: 35. Jesus wept.

Hebrews 5: 7. Who in the days of his flesh, when he had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto him that was able to save him from death, and was heard in that he feared;

It is an incontrovertible fact that Jesus shed tears – Genuine tears for that matter.

In today’s Christian parlance some theologians would have denied or argued that Jesus did not weep. In their thinking, Jesus as the son of God is not suppose to cry.

They have forgotten that Jesus was also the Son of Man at the same time.

As the son of God, He does not need to cry but as the son of Man He shed tears at different occasions while He was on Earth.

Many faith preachers erroneously insinuate that faith has nothing to do with tears. To them tear is a sign of doubt or unbelief.

Jesus as our Apostle of Faith shed lots of tears while He was here on Earth. In most of churches today, there is no shedding of tears because people are no longer convicted for their wrong doings. We have made the church of Jesus Christ to become a place where believers do not genuinely feel convicted by their sins because of the type of messages we give to them. Worshippers are now made to believe that today’s worship is a celebration time so people dance and dance and dance and they are not told that sin is evil.

A thorough gospel that condemns sin is not preached thus worshippers go home rejoicing in sin because the word of god did not penetrate their hearts. People’s conscience are no longer pricked hence there is the absence of soberness and shedding of tears including the confession of sins.

The church is not a place for gentlemen and ladies but a place where sinners come and hear the unadulterated word of God and the holy Spirit getting them convicted to the point of confessing their sins in tears.

The bible recorded instances where the elects of God shed tears in the course of genuine worship of God. Today’s preachers should stop giving people false hope while they are living in sin. Genuine tears resulting from the confession of sin is an ideal mode of worship which cannot spoil our faith.

As we proceed deeper into this teaching, we are going to see how men and women of faith wept in their supplications and their prayers were answered. God said, I have seen your tears and I have added 15 more years to your lifespan.

Beloved children of God, when next you are overwhelmed by the awesomeness of God and you are confessing your sins in true worship, find a place and weep yourself out before God. Who amongst us have not shed tears before our earthly Fathers or mothers before? We have done so severally so when you come to our heavenly Father and you are overwhelmed, please shed your sincere tears before Him.

Do not put yourself under unnecessary burden or tension so when the need arises to weep and shed tears, please do so and set yourself free from all manners of internal burdens. Shalom

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