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The woman who does not trust in and submit to God in obedience, and who is always selfishly looking out for her own interests will have the nature and spirit of Satan operating through her rebellion and self-exaltation. There is no reverential fear of God in her heart.

“Have you forgotten the wickedness of your fathers, the wickedness of the kings of Judah, the wickedness of their wives (who clung to their foreign gods). Your own wickedness and the wickedness of your wives (who imitated their queens)… They are not humbled (contrite, penitent and bruised for their guilt and iniquities) even to this day, neither have they feared and revered me, nor walked in my law or my statutes, which I set before you and before your fathers” (JEREMIAH 44:9-10 AMP).

There are only two choices for a woman – trust God or trust self!
When a woman does not rely on and trust God to fulfill her (thereby becoming a channel of blessing), she becomes a vessel of ungodliness and selfishness. In order to get her needs met, she will begin subtle manipulation and control using her beauty, talents and abilities to get her way.

This is a dangerous counterfeit to true womanhood, because it appears that she is offering her skills and services such as cooking, nurturing, teaching, sex and so forth for the benefit of others. But in reality, they are used to fulfill her own needs. One of the greatest needs in a woman is to feel secure. When a woman does not feel secure in the love of God, she will seek to create her own security by contriving and manipulating circumstances and people to fulfill that image of security. Her entire life becomes self-directed and self-controlled.

This is a cycle of giving to get! The deception is that she and others believe that she is loving and giving; however it is all based upon meeting the conditions of her image of security, and is therefore conditional. This pattern is the ideal set up for the working of Satan.

Satan seeks to undermine the true authority and order of God and to rob mankind of the blessings that flow from that order. He sets up a system of false authority by creating the deception that true love, nurture, protection and fulfillment can come from a woman.

Since man must go to a woman to get his basic needs and appetites for food and sex met, he is a victim of this deception. Satan directs man away from true fulfillment in God by seducing him with the spirit of “I am fulfillment”.

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