The wrong person can give you what the right person may not afford for you…

I have heard, ”He is too caring”, ”She is too beautiful and caring”, “Her father is loaded”, “He came back from abroad”, “He is the manager of a bank”, “He drives the latest Mercedes car”, “She has connections” and few years after, I began to hear different terrible things about same people that were said to be amazing.

The wrong person can make commitments more than the right person. We always want people to show up for us and those who always don’t show up are seen as the most uncaring ones. The devil through serpent showed up for Eve. God never appeared to Eve not the devil did. She assumed that he was the interested one.

The man or woman who knows what he wants must first learn two things, ©the art of winning and ©unsuspicious characters .

Never expect the wrong person to show up the way he or she is. He or she must appear as a good winner. The devil came to Eve with knowledge she hasn’t had access to. It amazed her.

When rich single guys pick prostitutes from the streets at night, those girls usually act as wife materials when they get into the guys’ houses. They can take all the night to clean and wash dishes. Does it really meant that the prostitutes meant to be good? No, they are playing an attractive role.

Never judge life by availability of resources. The wrong people can have what the right people don’t have.

The devil can buy you a car to own your soul. Didn’t Jesus asked us, ‘What shall it profit you to own the world and lose your soul?

The right relationship does not happen by what one gives. The devil knows how to maintain attention too. You can imagine what it costs him to make sure Eve saw the forbidden fruit as the blessed one.

Few Things About The Wrong Persons…
They usually act desperate than the right people.

They always want to convince you beyond your known boundaries.

They have pressures. They hardly give you space to reason for yourself.

They can give you what you never imagined anyone would ever give you in your life time.

They know how to use people around you to convince you that they meant good for you.

They are not comfortable with you making decisions for yourself.

We believe easily on people who give us anything we ask of. The wrong people understand this concept about humanity and they go out of their ways to make sure something is given to keep their victims at blind spots.

Never forget that the wrong people can make the most desperate commitments that inspires you emotionally and yet, their intentions are worse than anything tragic.

This is why we need the leading of God and not our five senses. Your five senses won’t see anything wrong with beauty, money, sexual appearances, cars and big houses.

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