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Several women always wonder why they can’t keep their men. They thought getting married to him will secure their position in their lives, but no. It breaks a woman emotionally into pieces to find out she is sharing her man with another woman, something most of them think men are the cause.

Some declare war on this mistress or side chick and vow to deal with them, only to sadly see their men jumping to their defense. Well I have an antidote for this one million dollar question “How can I keep my man”.

As much as I disagree with men who go out for other women because they are not getting the respect, happiness, excitement, fun and desires they seek for in their women, I also agree that a lot of women drive their men out on that mission without knowing.

Many men are lonely these days in their relationship or marriage. That lover they got married to is no more. She either upgraded to a mother status who wants to school them or prevent them from making mistakes, checking on who they talked to or where they have been to. So most of these men find it hard to go home after work, whilst others get home but are online in search for a friend. Others still can’t wait to leave the house at any given time.

Men need friends, they want their woman to be their friend. Someone who will encourage them, believe in them, pray for them and support them. Someone who appreciates their effort. If a man does something for you or buys something for you and its even not your taste, your choice, colour etc. he still wants his woman to appreciate his effort. He still wants her to put it to use. The woman discarding it, not appreciating him, shuts his spirit down. You dumpen your man’s spirit each time you do that.

What the woman needs to do is to put to use what her man got her; even though it is not his best, appreciate his effort, then you can further make a request of what you really like. That is what it takes to get the man to meet her desires. Neither insult nor compare him to other men. You simply disrespect him when you do that. No man enjoys the company of a woman who disrespects them.

Again, whenever your man makes a promise to you or you make a request for something from him, He expects you as a friend, to be the best person who understands him, instead of reminding him every single minute of that promise or request. Some wives even remind them before or during sex. You kill your man’s drive if you are fond of this attitude.

Other things that drive the man away is his woman’s personal hygiene. The fact that some men are dirty doesn’t mean they don’t want their women to be clean. There are women who find it hard to bath more than once a day. There is a scent that your man can not stand; he can’t tell you either because you have become his mother instead of wife.

It is not enough to look good on the outside, putting on the latest fashion, you need to be clean inside else you have just polished on dirt. Watch out for the part two of this message.

I will conclude with Matthew 23:26 (TLB) “Blind Pharisees! First cleanse the inside of the cup, and then the whole cup will be clean”. Written by Counselor Adofoli

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