To some people, having a new partner is what they use to learn or try to forget about their last partner. When their relationship is not working and the memories they shared are causing them so much pain, their best way of dealing with such issues is to look for a new partner.

They are quick in getting into a new relationship or start talking to someone new without ending their current relationship. There are married couples whose marriage has hit a dead end and instead of getting divorced, they have moved on into a new relationship as a remedy to forget about their husband or wife. Some even go ahead to get married without divorcing. An action that has the power to complicate their lives in the future.

In life, there are decisions we need to take no matter how difficult they are, instead of leaving them to time while praying and hoping time will help us forget them. No matter how long you pretend to have divorced your spouse and pray for time to erase the memories, time cannot sign the divorce papers for you or erase the memories.

No serious person kills a snake without cutting off the head. There are chances that the snake might not be dead but just wounded. Wounded snake is more poisonous, dangerous and deadly. It has the power to kill you instead.

Many people who venture into a new relationship without properly ending the old ones end up creating complications for themselves and their partner. If you don’t have the courage to end your current relationship which you are convinced you don’t want, then please don’t get into a new one.

Getting into a new relationship makes your loyalty questionable, you are not helping your new partner to fully trust you. Those who end up in such new relationships often either keep the status of their old relationship a secret from the current partner or lie to them about it.

If you cannot trust yourself and your intuition that leaving the current relationship is the best thing to do, then you won’t trust the new partner and for that matter, the new relationship will fail. Your new relationship has no future if you cannot be trusted.

Stop leaving decisions or issues to time to fix them for you. Time cannot help you leave someone no matter how much time you waste waiting. What you need is a decision to do that. No one will do that for you.

Time cannot help you forget someone, it is a matter of decision and you cannot waste time. You decide to forget about someone. Time cannot erase the memories no matter how hard you try to forget someone you once loved so much. In some cases, your heart still remembers them. It is a matter of deciding to live a life without them.

Breaking up or leaving a relationship is a decision, a choice to make; that you choose a life without them, you want to live without them. Your Ex may be alive but to you, he or she is dead. It’s a decision not a matter of time.
, “So be careful how you act; these are difficult days. Don’t be fools; be wise: make the most of every opportunity you have for doing good. Don’t act thoughtlessly, but try to find out and do whatever the Lord wants you to” – Ephesians 5:15-17 (TLB).

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